Hi, I'm Devony.

I coach women like you who want more out of life than just getting by and keeping up.

I've been there.

I had a corporate career as an HR Executive in a large and well-known hospitality company.  On the outside, everything was amazing.  I was paid well, treated well, worked with fun coworkers, and was able to eat incredibly delicious food every day of my career YET, I was unhappy.

To make it worse, my late Gramma kept telling me, “You made it, doll.  Now, I don’t have to worry about you anymore.”  Ugh.


Maybe she wasn't worried, but I was.  I was exhausted, snapped at the people I loved at home, drank too much wine every day, felt overcommitted, out of control, and had no idea how to fix it.  I just wanted someone to yank me out and plop me down in a different scenario.  I didn't want to decide because, likey, I'd make another bad choice.

"Only I can change my life.  No one can do it for me."  -Carol Burnett

Here are some of the thoughts I had that kept me up at night (literally).  Maybe you can relate?
  • I would be letting down the people I worked with.
  • I would be disappointing my family.
  • I'm still paying off student debt.
  • How will we be able to afford college for our kiddo?
  • What if I make the wrong decision about my next career and I'm terrible at it?
  • Will we ever be able to go on a trip again?
  • Am I too old to take this kind of risk and have enough time to excel in my new career?
  • Is it a waste of time and money to retrain?
  • Am I losing out on my biggest earning potential years?
  • What would we do about health benefits since I'm the one who provides them?


I wasn't able to figure out what to do by myself calmly.  Instead, it took a cascade of movie-worthy life crises in 2019 to shake me up enough to gain the strength to toss off the heavyweight of indecision.

It was unprecedented and scary.  But I hired a coach who helped me figure out how to manage my mind and identify the belief patterns holding me back from believing in myself and going after what I wanted.  And as a bonus, I learned that it wasn't my job that was causing me stress. It was the way I was handling stress.


Luckily, even though I lacked the confidence to take action on my plans for many years, I'm also hyperfocused when it comes to things I really want.

I already knew when I left that I  loved coaching and that this work that I'll do for the rest of my life.  I didn't have the courage to take that step until everything came crumbling down.  There was always one more thing I needed to learn, do, gain, or prepare for.

Thankfully, this planning provided me with everything I needed to hang my shingle at the end of 2019.  I'd been working on this plan my whole life.  Here's what I bring to the table as your coach:


  • BA with a focus in Social Psychology at Antioch University
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Dare to Lead™ and Daring Way™ Facilitator
  • Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School
  • Current coach trainee at the International ADHD Coach Training Center

Plus, I still have all those hard-earned human resources certificates, which come in handy for some clients who struggle with workplace issues!

  • Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR)-Human Resources Certification Institute
  • Senior Certified Professional (SCP-SHRM)-Society for Human Resources Management


The personal side of me

I'm the mama of two girls whose ages span over a decade apart, with one about to get married and the other about to head to middle-school; I got married for the first time when I was 40 to a talented carpenter/contractor who owns a huge collection of cuddly flannel shirts and vinyl records; I teach skiing to little kids during the winter, and we live in our old farmhouse in Seattle, WA with our big black Shepherd named Jed.

I'm also a big reader, an avid learner about mental health, and believe strongly in the importance of belonging, being an active part of the community, and social justice.

Lastly, I recently learned at the age of 51 that I have adult ADHD-the inattentive type-and it was hiding all these years.  I had no idea. [medication is amazing, btw]  I'm openly relieved to learn this because everything makes so much more sense when I look back at my college and work-life challenges over the past few decades.  No womxn should have to wait this long to get help so I'm going to do my part by learning how to specifically coach my womxn clients with ADHD tendencies so that they don't feel so alone.




So, if you're ready to…

    • Let go of mindset patterns that are holding you back from being happy and making positive changes.
    • Reduce your level of overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety.
    • Gain more control over your life and feelings.
    • Figure out how to make quicker and better decisions so that you can avoid indecision and overwhelm.
    • Learn how to better manage your time, attention, and focus.
    • Begin making healthy changes that will support long-term sustainability.

Then, you've come to the right place.

Coaching is for people who are functional in their everyday life and supports them in becoming more self-aware and intentional about how they think, feel, and show up in the world.   If this sounds like you, there is no better time to get started and begin learning the tools and make the changes that will last you a lifetime.


To see if coaching is right for you and if we'd be a good fit, schedule your FREE 60-Minute Consultation with me.
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