Hi, I’m Devony

I’m here to help you create a life you truly love. No more ‘barely keeping up’ or ‘just getting by!’

The common denominator behind burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and struggle is that you care.


You care deeply about how you show up in the world, what impact your work has on others, and the well-being of those you love. You care so much that you often put your own mental and physical health last. Caring is great! But putting yourself last? Not so great. 


The truth is, people are often conditioned from an early age to put themselves last. But how can we possibly show up in the world—in all the wonderful ways we want to—if we’re perpetually exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled? If this sounds familiar, take a big breath out because I’m here to help.


I get it, I’ve been there!


I had a corporate career as an HR Executive in a large and well-known hospitality company. On the outside, everything was amazing. I was paid well, treated well, worked with fun coworkers, and was able to eat delicious food every day of my career. YET, I was unhappy.


Despite what seemed great from the outside, I was exhausted, snapped at the people I loved at home, drank too much wine, felt overcommitted, out of control, and had no idea how to fix it. I wanted someone to yank me out and plop me down in a different scenario. But I was afraid to do anything because I figured I'd just make another bad choice that sounded good in theory but felt terrible in practice.


Unfortunately, I waited until everything came crashing down before I finally woke up, hired a coach, and started making real changes. But that doesn’t have to be your story. You can start now!

From overcommitted and out of control

to confident, clear, and courageous.

If you’re ready to…


  • Let go of negative mindset patterns 
  • Reduce the amount of overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety
  • Gain more control over your emotions and life choices
  • Make quicker and better decisions, reducing indecision
  • Better manage your time, attention, and focus
  • Choose healthy choices that support long-term change

...then, you've come to the right place!


If you’re truly ready to become more self-aware and intentional about how you think, feel, and show up in the world then there's no better time to begin learning how.

“Devony was truly empathetic and understanding while also holding me accountable, pushing me out of my comfort zone while kindly pointing out things I could not or did not want to see.” - Debbie

My formal education and specialty training:


  • BA with a focus in Social Psychology, from Antioch University
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Dare to Lead™ and Daring Way™ facilitator
  • Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School
  • Senior Certified Professional (SCP-SHRM), from the Society for Human Resources Management/Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR)
  • Additional specialty training in adult ADHD, DEI, trauma-informed coaching, and Positive Intelligence™

On a personal note…

It wasn’t until the age of 51 (and during the COVID-19 pandemic!) that I learned I have adult ADHD—the inattentive type. I had no idea it was hiding out for all these years! I’d come to learn that I had established systems and coping mechanisms over the years but the lack of structure during the pandemic caused me to realize that something more was going on.


Today, I  feel truly relieved to have answers (and so grateful for medication) because everything makes so much more sense when I look back at my college and work-life challenges over the past few decades. I’ve come to realize I’m not alone in having both ADHD and having a successful career. It just means I’ve worked harder to get to where I am. Because of this experience, I’m happy to coach women with ADHD tendencies so they don’t feel alone like I did. 

spinning top like adhd

When I’m not working with my amazing clients you can find me spending time with my two daughters, whose ages span over a decade apart. I enjoy paddleboarding and teach skiing to kiddos during the winter; I’m a big reader, an avid learner about mental health, and believe strongly in the importance of belonging, being an active part of the community, and social justice.

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