Are you a woman with a successful career but inwardly feel like you're burning out and overwhelmed? If so, you’re not alone.


Do you feel like each day you’re losing a little more of your spark, leaving you feeling stuck and resentful?


Maybe you feel that you’ve lost your sense of purpose and that what used to bring you happiness and fulfillment at work no longer does the trick?


Are you worried your frustrations are negatively impacting some of the most important relationships in your life? Your friends, family, partner, and most importantly, you?


You know you need to make some big changes, but likely are feeling too scared to confront these decisions because you’re worried about the ripple effect on your life, which is already too complicated.


Would you like someone to help you confront these challenges to gain confidence in making some big decisions?


I can help you with this. I can help you unpack what’s going on in your mind, get clear on what you want for your future and figure out a path to get you there. I focus on supporting women to recalibrate and revitalize their lives so that they can thrive in any context.


I know what it’s like to be in your shoes because I’ve been there myself. As a former human resources executive of a large restaurant company and the mom of two daughters over a decade apart, I know what it’s like to have a FULL life.


I, too, felt ashamed to want something different than what I had because what I had was great. Nevertheless, that didn’t change the fact that I no longer loved my job, was burning out, unhappy, and numbing away my feelings with a few too many glasses of wine after work. Not a good strategy.


There is no better time than now to make the change. If not now, then when?


If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to find out a little bit more about working with a coach, book a complimentary 60-minute call to see we’re a good fit.

Client Testimonials

"Devony Boyle has a gift! I came to her burned out, stressed, and without purpose.  I had been working so much that I lost sight of what was important.

From the very first meeting, I felt like she really "got me."  Devony had me create a plan to start working toward my ideal life. She was truly empathetic and understanding while still holding me accountable. She was great at digging and asking questions that pushed me beyond my comfort zone, while kindly pointing out those things that I could not or did not want to see  

I highly recommend her to anyone who is burnout and struggling to keep their head above water like I was. Thanks, Devony!"

Debbie, President

"Devony was great at helping me focus on the most important things during a time when I was overloaded with both work and non-work activities. She has a knack for helping people refine their goals so that they feel more grounded. Her feedback is given in a positive, constructive, insightful way."

Pauline, Scientist

I worked with Devony while I was in the midst of chaos at work. I was overwhelmed, unsupported, and not convinced that I wanted to keep my job. After just a few sessions, I felt much more grounded and in control of the chaos, which allowed me to enjoy my job again! Many thanks Devony!!!

Kathy, Director

"I am the type of person who takes big leaps in life. These transitions often bring with them a lot of moving parts and new, sometime daunting, responsibilities. I've learned that before I start spinning my wheels out of control it's good to get some support.

Devony has been one of my important resources! She's helped me pause, reflect, and act by asking the right questions and sharing periodic insights while always honoring that unlimitedly I am the one that is in control of my own life. Our partnership in my growth has been such a wonderful experience for many reasons, mostly because she is so knowledgeable, has a genuine compassion for people and she believes in me even when I falter a bit! I highly recommend Devony, she's a gem of a person and coach."

Micha, Educator