Restore, verb:  to make it possible for someone to have a quality or ability again that they have not had for a long time.

Ist, suffix:  Used to form adjectives and nouns to describe a person with a particular set of beliefs or way of behaving.

A restorist is an expert in helping you bring back what you thought you’d lost:  your true essence, your joie de vivre, your human spark. The restorist’s role is to listen carefully and purposefully to you in order to reflect back what you’re thinking so that you can see what’s most important to you.  Then, and only then, you can begin to make choices about what you want out of life…not just what you think people think you should do.  Deep down, you know. It’s there…you can restore it.

As long as we’re alive, each one of us has the ability to feel the spark.  Sometimes this feels literally impossible with the constant rush of everyday life-long meetings, long days, evening events, a messy house, sick family members, impossible work expectations.  We struggle to keep up and do nothing-I mean NOTHING- to take care of ourselves. We don’t have enough time. Compound that with feelings of guilt/shame for not appreciating what we’ve got or being able to keep it together and you have a perfect storm.

It’s simply not ok to keep living this way with feelings of desperation and just so you know, you do not have to.  You have permission to live however you want to live. There is a healthier way and you have the right to choose it.  

It’s the time of year to take stock, dig deep and figure out what makes you truly tick;  what will make you happier and how to start living a life that fuels you, not depletes you.  I’d love to be your restorist partner in this journey back!